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Rent a car


Terms and conditions


The contract is concluded for a minimum of 24 hours, starting with the date and time specified in the contract until the next day at the same time. Additional day will be charged under the same conditions as those in the contract. If within 4 hours of the expiration of the contract, the car is not returned, we will announce the authorities.


A. The lessee is obliged to

  • a) If the bill is not paid on the date of issue, the deadline for payment is 10 days, in case of non-payment of the invoice by the due date, the customer will pay the penalty of 1% of the invoice/ day of delay;
  • b) to use the vehicle with the care of a good owner;
  • c) to own a driving license for at least 2 years;
  • d) to return the vehicle at the date and time specified in the contract;
  • e) to pay in advance the total amount for the rent period specified in the contract;
  • f) to declare all additional drivers;
  • g) to provide all the documents from the police station, if he was involved in a car accident;
  • h) not to sublease the vehicle;
  • i) not to use the vehicle for transporting goods or passengers for money;
  • j) not to carry more passengers then the number of seats specified in the vehicle’s papers;
  • k) not to use the vehicle in auto competition, off-road or hunting activities;
  • l) not to use the vehicle for other purposes other than those for which it was manufactured;

B. The lessee must bear all damages in the following situations:

  • a) if he drove the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances;
  • b) in case of theft, he didn’t provide along with the police documents, the keys and car’s papers;
  • c) the vehicle damage occurred during passage through a passage, tunnel or rail crossing;
  • d) the gearbox was damaged;
  • e) the vehicle damage occurred as a result of entering within flooded areas or by the crossing waters;
  • f) if the accident was premeditated;
  • g) if he does not comply with article 2, paragraph A, points b, e, f, g, h, j, k.


The owner is obliged to provide the vehicle in good conditions and according to the technical regulations. Oil and car maintenance are owner’s responsibilities. Full CASCO insurance and RCA (Civil Auto Liability) are included in the price and are owner’s responsibilities.


The lessee is obliged to bring the car back with the initial amount of fuel in the tank. Otherwise he will be charged with 2€/liter of missing fuel. All expenses for care use (road taxes, parking fees, fines, etc.) will be beard by the lessee.


On expiry date stipulated in the contract by returning the car. On expiry of the contractual term extension, according to a new contract issued at termination of this agreement by returning the car.


Any circumstances beyond any control of the parties, intervened after the signing date of the contract and which prevents its execution, is considered as force majeure and it absolves the party invoking it. They are considered as force majeure, in terms of this clause, the fact that war, revolution, earthquake, flood, embargo.


The Contracting Parties agree that disputes arising from the interpretation and performance of this contract and which cannot be settled amicably, to be subject to competent courts within the City.

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